Overseas Missions

For over 40 years, SNCC has supported the work of Guitewinde and Patricia Rouamba in Burkina Faso, since Guitewinde and our late pastor, Trevor Whatton, were at Bible College together. 

Along with Guitewinde’s pastoral ministry, the work has grown to incorporate a general health clinic, an orphanage, maternity and child health units, and education from pre-school through to secondary level and vocational training.

In Machilipatnam, (Andhra Pradesh, India) Emmanuel and Deevena Pedapudi pastor multiple congregations as well as running an orphanage and school. SNCC is privileged to give prayer support, and financial aid for special projects and needs.

The Lord called Robert and Janet Prestwich back to Robert’s native South Africa to share the Gospel, working with children and encouraging community in the villages around Kidd’s Beach, so SNCC is blest to be able to help support their work.

We also give prayer support and ad hoc gifts to Project Romanian Rescue and the Amazing Grace Experience in St Kitts.

All the projects are supported by funds raised in the Faso Fund Charity Shop, 335, Somercotes Hill, Somercotes, DE55 4JX, as well as personal and corporate donations from within and outside of South Normanton Community Church.